• Supernatural

    Supernatural 10

    Thursdays, 10.40pm SIN | 10.55pm MAL/HKG | 9.55pm JKT/BKK.

    Are you ready for the Dean-mon?

  • The Voice 7

    The Voice 7

    Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 8.05pm SIN/MAL/HKG | 7.05pm JKT/BKK | 8.10pm PH.

    Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams join Adam and Blake for the new season!

  • The Blacklist 2

    The Blacklist 2

    Tuesdays, 10pm SIN/MAL/HKG/PH | 9pm JKT/BKK.

    Hit man of the year, Raymond Reddington returns for a new season!

  • The Amazing Race

    The Amazing Race 25

    Saturdays, 8.10pm MAL/HKG/PH | 8.50pm SIN.

    Emmy award winning reality series returns for its twenty-fifth installment! 



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