The Amazing Race Asia is back! And this time it's more adrenaline-fueled than ever before.

Do you love social media and think your team has what it takes to be part of AXN's ultimate adventure? Then we want to hear from you!

This season, 10 teams of socially savvy, fearless warriors from all over Asia will embark on a
once-in-a-lifetime experience, traversing the globe and proving their mettle on a quest to be crowned the all-out champion.

Traveling to multiple countries in the shortest amount of time, each team will arrive at a new destination where they must compete in a series of physical, mental - and often emotional - challenges. Only when the tasks are completed will the teams learn of their next exotic location. Teams who fall the farthest behind will gradually be eliminated as the contest progresses, with the first team to arrive at the final destination winning The Amazing Race Asia and the USD$100,000 prize.

Sounds like you? Then tell us why in your video and submit your application now!

Application ends June 30, 11:59PM SIN.
1. Who is eligible to apply?

You are eligible to apply if you are a citizen of Asia, or a non-Asian citizen who is currently living and/or working in Asia. Asia is defined as all countries within the AXN Asia footprint (i.e., Brunei, Cambodia, People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Republic of Palau, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam).

2. How do I apply?

You can come to any of the drop off/video booths at the location and on the dates that are listed on the application website, to record or submit a video; or submit an online application through this website. If you are dropping off your submission, please come prepared with the following: (i) completed application (one for each team) and (ii) one three-minute video of your team.

3. What is the minimum age requirement for applicants?

Both members of each team must be at least 21 years of age at the time of application.

4. Your eligibility requirements state that travel will start August to October 2016, and I would be turning 21 years old by that time in mid year. Am I still eligible?

Both members of each team must be at least 21 years of age at the time of application.

5. I plan to apply with my brother as my teammate. Both of us are Asians and have been living in Asia for 20yrs but the only problem is that my brother is currently working in the U.S. Are we eligible to apply as a team?

Yes, you are eligible to apply if you are a citizen of Asia (as defined above).

6. My best mate and I (both Asians) are extremely interested in signing up for The Amazing Race Asia, but we are currently studying at a university in Australia. Are we still eligible to sign up for it?

Yes, you are eligible to apply if you are a citizen of Asia (as defined above).

7. My partner is currently working in Singapore and I am living in the Philippines. Can we be partners considering that we are living apart from each other? Are we eligible to join?

Yes, so long as both team members are living and/or working in Asia (as defined above) and documentary proof must be provided.

8. I am a Caucasian living and working in Malaysia. Do contestants have to be ethnically Asian to apply?

No, you do not have to be ethnically Asian to apply.

9. Can a Chinese passport (P.R of China) holder apply?

Yes, you can apply as long as you are living and/or working in Asia (as defined above). Documentary proof must be provided.

10. To show proof of residency/Citizenship, is a ration card sufficient or is a passport essential (a ration card is proof of Indian Nationality)?

No, only passports and working permits will be used to verify proof of residency.

11. What about people who are still in school but fit all other criteria?

As long as you are currently living in Asia and you are at least 21 yrs of age as of the date of your application, you are eligible to send in your application.

12. Must I have an international driver's license?

During the course of the Race, teams may be asked to drive vehicles with manual and/or automatic transmissions. Each team is responsible for ensuring that at least one member can drive a vehicle with a manual transmission and at least one member can drive an automatic transmission. As long as a member might be required to drive during the course of the race, he/she must have a valid international drivers' license by Race day. You should at least have a valid driving license for now, and can still apply for the international license later if your team is selected.

13. If I have applied for a previous season of The Amazing Race Asia, do I need to resend my application for the new season?


14. I'd like to find out if there are application fees to join The Amazing Race Asia.

There is no application fee to join the race.

15. I would like to know if I can send 2 entries with different team members for this contest.

Yes, you can send in multiple entries, so long as each entry is with a different partner.

16. I have applied for my passport but can't provide a copy by the closing date for applications. What should I do?

Please provide us a copy of the document from your immigration department explaining your passport application or renewal is being processed when you send in your application to us. Note that all passports must be valid until at least October 1, 2017 and must contain at least ten (10) blank pages.

17. What are you looking for in a team?

What we look for varies from team to team but you should be outgoing, and adventurous and socially savvy.

18. What are you looking for in the audition video?

Limit your audition video to a duration of 3 minutes. We would like to see your personalities and team chemistry showcased in the video. Please see our Tips section for more details.

19. Will I be contacted regardless of whether or not I make it to the next round?

Due to the large amount of submissions, we regret to inform you that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

20. What will happen if we are selected for the interviews?

If the Producers select your team as one of the teams that they would like to interview as part of the semi-finalist/finalist interview process, you and your team-mate will be flown to a specified country in Asia (which is yet to be determined), from your major local airport for the interview(s). The dates and times of the interview(s) will be set sometime in June/July of 2016. The actual length of stay and number of hotel nights, if any, are dependent on how long the Producers, in their sole discretion, wish to keep the applicants for interviews.

21. Who is responsible for travel costs?

Your team will have to bear travel costs for the preliminary application round. Only travel costs for the semi-final/final interview (if you do not reside within the interview city) and during the actual race will be borne by us. Please note that for preliminary application round, we will make it as convenient and low cost for you as much as possible.

22. How about VISA requirement for countries needed, will these be taken care of before the race?

All traveling Visas will be arranged and paid for by the show producers.

23. What is the duration of the race? And when will it start?

If selected as a participant, you and your teammate must be willing to travel to numerous locations around the world lasting approximately 20 to 35 days starting sometime between August through October of 2016. Each participant is also responsible for bringing a valid passport that is valid until at least October 1, 2017 and has a minimum of ten (10) blank pages and one (1) other form of photo identification with them.

24. My partner and I wish to apply to participate in The Amazing Race Asia. We are pure Vegetarians, and would like to know whether the terms of the contest will include consumption of non-vegetarian dishes or alcoholic drinks, in case we make it to the finals.

Unfortunately there may be occasions in the race that requires the consumption of food. We cannot guarantee that all food provided for consumption will be vegetarian.

25. For working parents with children or babies, are they able to call and check on their children as and when they want?

No. You are unable to contact friends / families during the race period.

26. In the event that my partner and I get selected for The Amazing Race Asia, would we have to stay with the show for the full duration? Or will we be allowed to go back home once we've been eliminated.

You have to stay with the producers until the race is over.

27. Will there be any swimming, rafting and water related tasks involved in the race?

There may be tasks and challenges in the race that are water related. If you can't swim, try teaming with someone who can.

28. I have strict diet restrictions due to my religion. Will there be any consumption of gooey and icky stuff?

There may be tasks and challenges that involve eating. If there are foods that you can't consume, try teaming with someone who can.

29. Will the race be going around the world or limited to Asia?

The race route is completely confidential, so we are not able to reveal any information on the race route.

30. When will The Amazing Race Asia be shown?

The broadcast date of The Amazing Race Asia will be released later in the year.

31. What is the prize for winning the race?

USD$100,000 for the winning team. No compensation will be given to teams for being away from work or family during the period of the race.

32. I would like to know if in case our team will be selected to join The Amazing Race Asia, are there any prizes for the other teams who will not win the race?

The first team to arrive at the finish line wins the US$100,000 grand prize. Teams may have the chance to win non-cash prizes over and above the grand prize. There may be prizes at some pit stops, or if a team wins a certain challenge, but details are not available at this time.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to reach us at AXN Asia Facebook.
This is your ultimate chance to be part of the world's most thrilling adventure!
Show us why your team should be chosen via your creative and entertaining video application.

  1. Start with an interesting introduction. Here is some inspiration to get you started:
    • What are your names, ages and nationalities?
    • How would you describe your relationship to each other?
    • What are your personality types?
    • What do your friends say about you?
    • What crazy, cool, unusual hidden talents do you have?
    • What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you while travelling abroad?
  2. Talk about The Amazing Race Asia!
    • What inspires you about the show?
    • Why should we select you?
    • What do you hope to achieve (besides winning)?
    • What kind of teammate will you be?
  3. Lighting Tips
    • If shooting indoors, make sure the area is well-lit and your face can be seen clearly.
    • If shooting outdoors, make sure you have plenty of natural light and don't stand in front of direct sunlight.
  4. Audio Tips
    • If shooting indoors, find a quiet space to decrease distracting ambient noise.
    • If shooting outdoors, avoid windy areas as the sound of the wind will distort the quality of your video.
    • Speak loudly and clearly.
  5. Camera Tips
    • Your video will be used on television. Shoot horizontally instead of in portrait (vertical) format.

And most importantly have fun!

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