American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior

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29 Aug, Fri8.20am41 minEPISODE 1Season 2Episode 1
29 Aug, Fri1.40pm41 minEPISODE 1Season 2Episode 1
30 Aug, Sat8.15am20 minEPISODE 3Season 1Episode 3
30 Aug, Sat8.45am20 minEPISODE 4Season 1Episode 4
30 Aug, Sat9.15am20 minEPISODE 5Season 1Episode 5
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About American Ninja Warrior

For the first time ever, Mount Midoriyama, the mother of all obstacle courses has come to America. Competitors from six different regions across the United States will run qualifying courses. The top one hundred competitors will advance to the finals in Las Vegas where the fabled course has been constructed, brutal obstacle by brutal obstacle. The winner of the American Ninja Warrior will receive US$500,000 and the coveted "American Ninja Warrior" title. 

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