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Next Airing: 21 Dec, Sun 6.30am

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21 Dec, Sun
Get ready for sharp suits and even sharper claws.
Season 1:
Episode 1
21 Dec, Sun
Hollywood Dreams, Lots of Sulking, and a Boardroom Battle. Meow.
Season 1:
Episode 2
27 Dec, Sat
The Hand, The Clueless Local, and The Shocking Twist
Season 1:
Episode 3
27 Dec, Sat
Coffee Can Be A Challenge
Season 1:
Episode 4
28 Dec, Sun
One Befuddled Nash; One Distrusted Sam; And Winners and Losers.
Season 1:
Episode 5


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Jonathan Allen Yabut

Actor Name: Jonathan Allen Yabut

Age: 27
Nationality: Filipino
Marital Status: Single
Education: Bachelor in Science in Economics from University
of the Philippines
Occupation: Senior Product Manager

“I am an extremely driven and passionate person. I always set my eyes on the prize, and as people would describe me - what Nate wants, Nate gets.”

Jonathan is a proud pinoy and is not afraid to show it. His belief that ‘Asians are the best’ in the corporate world drives his personal track records. He successfully launched a new pharmaceutical brand, achieving market leadership in terms of volume and sales in just eight months, a world record in the company’s history across 30 countries. Jonathan was also the recipient of the 2012 Mansmith Young Market Masters Award, as one of the top seven marketers in the Philippines under the age of 35.

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