The Apprentice Asia

Next Airing: 4 May, Wed 4.55am

Upcoming Airings of The Apprentice Asia

4 May, Wed
Get ready for sharp suits and even sharper claws.
Season 1
Episode 1
5 May, Thu
Hollywood Dreams, Lots of Sulking, and a Boardroom Battle. Meow.
Season 1
Episode 2
6 May, Fri
The Hand, The Clueless Local, and The Shocking Twist
Season 1
Episode 3
7 May, Sat
Coffee Can Be A Challenge
Season 1
Episode 4
10 May, Tue
One Befuddled Nash; One Distrusted Sam; And Winners and Losers.
Season 1
Episode 5


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Nik Aisyah Amirah Binti Mansor

Actor Name: Nik Aisyah Amirah Binti Mansor

Age: 25
Nationality: Malaysian
Marital Status: Single
Education: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from University of Adelaide
Occupation: Auditor

“I’ve always been the organizer – be it an event, a party, assignment or even a simple outing, as I possess strong leadership skills.”

Nik Aisyah has always dreamt of owning her own business, and is here to prove that she is not just all book smarts. A quick learner, she has always been promoted on the fast track. In school, she jumped a grade and finished primary school a year earlier than her peers. In her first and current job, she rose up a rank six months before she was due for promotion.

In the Arabic language, ‘Amirah’ means ‘leader’, which is how people look to her, both in a social and professional capacity. Nik Aisyah describes herself as an ordinary girl who pushes herself to be above average. The Apprentice Asia presents the opportunity for her to take the next big leap in her career.

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