The Apprentice Asia

Next Airing: 25 Aug, Tue 4.55am

Upcoming Airings of The Apprentice Asia

25 Aug, Tue
Get ready for sharp suits and even sharper claws.
Season 1
Episode 1
26 Aug, Wed
Hollywood Dreams, Lots of Sulking, and a Boardroom Battle. Meow.
Season 1
Episode 2
27 Aug, Thu
The Hand, The Clueless Local, and The Shocking Twist
Season 1
Episode 3
28 Aug, Fri
Coffee Can Be A Challenge
Season 1
Episode 4
29 Aug, Sat
One Befuddled Nash; One Distrusted Sam; And Winners and Losers.
Season 1
Episode 5


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Nazril Idrus

Actor Name: Nazril Idrus

Age: 38
Nationality: Malaysian
Marital status: Married
Education: Chartered Accountant, Institute of Chartered Accountant Australia
Current Occupation: Financial Coach, Trainer & Entrepreneur

“I like to win, actually I love winning. If I ever enter anything, I only want to be the best.”

Nazril dons multiple hats as a financial coach, trainer, entrepreneur and a TV host. Some people might also know him through his other half, Malaysian actress and host, Sazlini Shamsul Falak. Years ago, Nazril found himself in a rut after losing money in investments. This was a wake-up call for him especially since his dad died as a bankrupt, spurring him to take on finance management courses. He now specializes in coaching wealth management to fellow celebrities, and is also writing a book about investment and finance management.

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