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Being best friends, how does that influence your style of hosting?
Marc: It makes it pretty easy. It usually takes a while to get into sync with another host, but when you're hosting with one of your best friends, it's automatic. We have the same sense of humor and enjoy watching the same movies etc so we get each other's references and can tell where the other is going with an adlib. We like to joke around and go off script a bit so having a real friend as a foil is perfect. We're just a couple of fools having a great time hosting the biggest talent show in the world.
Ro: Well we pretty much have the same sense of humour. but more often times than not, Its quite automatic that i play the "sarcastic bad cop" while Marc plays the "kind and caring Good cop" which makes for a more dynamic and FUN hosting event. Our goal is to have fun on stage, when we BOTH are having fun, then that translates to the audience having fun as well.

What were your initial expectations/ feelings when you were asked to be the hosts of Asia's Got Talent?
Marc: Blown away, flattered and relieved. The audition process was quite a long and involved one, and we were up against some amazing hosts that we have a lot of respect for. So extremely happy and flattered to be chosen. This is something we really really wanted, it's Asia's Got Talent! Being a fan of other Got Talent shows (particularly the British version), I thought that our style would be a great fit for Asia's Got Talent, so I was so relieved when we were given the opportunity to prove it. Now we just need to step up to the plate and deliver (no pressure...).
Ro: SERIOUSLY?!? This can't be happening. Pinch us! Am I dreaming? I can't believe it!? - we ran the whole gamut of emotions. Everything from self-doubt, astonishment to self-adulation.

How does it feel to be working with such an incredible panel of judges and what were your initial impressions of them prior to the show?
Marc: Incredible panel of judges is a perfect way to describe them. Admittedly the names that I recognized the most were Melanie C (still can't believe we're working with a spice girl, and one that can probably still do more crunches than me) and Anggun (I'm a fan of her soulful voice. Perfect rainy day and a book music). They are everything I expected them to be and so much friendlier. Absolute sweethearts with great senses of humor and hearts of gold!

David was a very recognizable name as a big Hollywood producer, but I had no idea what to expect from him as a person. He has proven to be incredibly friendly, entertainment savvy (no wonder he has so many Grammys) and has a really sharp wit. There are so many golden sound bites from "the legend". One of the best judges of any Got Talent franchise around the world.Vanness is a really popular name in Asia, and I had previously identified him with his old group F4. So I wasn't sure how he'd be as an individual. Very pleasantly surprised. Not only is he incredibly hardworking and talented, but he brings a definite contemporary Asian feel to the panel and stands up for the pop culture of the region.

Ro: We've been working in media for over a decade now and feel that we still have much to learn. We always make certain we are always listening to what the judges are saying. Watching our panel of superstar judges gracefully, eloquently and professionally work their magic is such a treat!

Why do you think Asia's Got talent is considered the biggest talent show in the world?
Marc: This is the first time that there's a talent show that encompasses multiple countries and multiple types of talents. We've had thousands of acts trying out from 15 different countries, and we are airing to an estimated 400 million households. That's huge! No other talent show on the planet has ever attempted something of this scale. Yeah, I think there may be a couple of reasons it's considered the biggest talent show in the world...
Ro: Well, from a sheer "numbers standpoint, "Asia has the most number of people. By that fact alone we have so many more people with amazing talents to share to the world. Additionally no other "Got Talent" format has successfully combined more than one language AND country into one, seamless and amazing production. Television history will unfold right before your eyes. Don't miss it!

Starting out from participating together in the Amazing Race and now hosting Asia's Got Talent, how has the journey been thus far?
Marc: It's been "Amazing ". The exposure we got from the Amazing Race Asia was great, and had us recognized as an entertaining duo to watch, which gave us a couple of shows that we hosted together after the race (including "the Duke on AXN), as well as being asked to be ambassadors for WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature), a cause that we're very passionate about. This branding of us as a hosting duo definitely helped us get cast for Asia's Got Talent so we're very thankful for our beginnings on the Race.
Ro: Unreal! like one LOOONG eight year episode of Amazing Race Asia. But seriously, all things considered, we are extremely LUCKY and Grateful to be in this position. What is happening to us now only happens to blokes we read about in the newspapers. So we are eternally grateful.

What do see yourself doing now if you had not received that opportunity to pursue hosting?
Marc: I've had a multitude of jobs over the years, from teaching Bulgarians English to working in a silicon valley tech company, although the original plan when I left university was to eventually work in development aid like my stepfather. But in reality I'd probably end up as a Scuba or kiteboarding instructor. I love the outdoors too much.
Ro: Hmmm…..working BEHIND the camera (as I had originally intended) and not in front of it. I love media and production too much.

If you were a contestant, which of the judges would you think is the nicest… and the scariest?
Marc: Nicest would maybe be Vanness. Scariest would be David
Ro: Hands down, Van Ness Wu is the most kind-hearted judge. The scariest, just from a stellar resume and intimidation factor, would definitely be Mr. David Foster.

What do you think viewers will be most excited about Asia's Got Talent?
Marc: The unbelievably talented acts that Asia has to offer and the equally incredible stories of the personal journeys these people have taken to follow their dreams and get to the Asia's Got Talent stage.
Ro: The combination of culture, colours, traditional costumes, super-human feats and performances, world-renown judges, courageous acts and the triumph of the human spirit all rolled into one phenomenal show!