The Blacklist

Season 4

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26 Sep, Mon
Season 4
Episode 1

Anslo Garrick (Part 2)


As the standoff between Red and Anslo Garrick continues, Liz and Aram are taken captive after disabling the assault team’s communications scrambler. When Garrick threatens to make Liz his next victim, Red forces the wounded Ressler to open the doors to the black site’s secure core before surrendering. Leaving Ressler behind, Garrick initiates a carefully choreographed escape plan, blowing open a hole in the floor and rappelling into an ambulance that’s waiting for him and his hostages. Though Liz manages to escape, Garrick removes the tracking chip from Red’s neck and throws the FBI off his trail so he can take Red to a safe house to be tortured.

Even though the Justice Department’s Diane Fowler decommissions the task force and orders Cooper to focus on containing the damage to the FBI, Liz convinces Aram to help find Red. Evidence of a mole operating inside the FBI leads her to an abandoned house and a fatal showdown with a man who has been secretly monitoring her. Calling a phone number Red gave her, Liz is joined by a mysterious female operative and an assault team who lead her to the sophisticated communications center that’s being used to penetrate the task force.

Back at the safe house, Red comes face to face with Crowley, his former employer and the man who hired Garrick to carry out the daring kidnapping. Though Garrick persuades Crowley to let him continue the torture, Red manages to get the upper hand and kills him before escaping. Realizing that Garrick knows the locations of a series of abandoned government black sites, Meera zeros in on the one where he’s been holding Red. But by the time she and Liz arrive, Red is gone. As Fowler orders Cooper to find Red, Liz returns to the abandoned house where she’s surprised to see Tom. Finally, when the fugitive Red calls Liz, he confirms that he’s not her father, but raises more troubling questions about her husband.