The Blacklist

Season 4

The Cyprus Agency


On the eve of the Keens finalizing their adoption, Red alerts Liz to the Cyprus Agency, an international adoption organization suspected of kidnapping children for their clients. With help from prospective parents Wendy and David Roland, Liz draws Cyprus’ lawyer, Ted Caldwell, into a trap. Though Caldwell kills himself instead of revealing what he knows about the adoptions, when Cyprus’ owner Owen Mallory finds the FBI searching his office, he insists he knows nothing of the alleged abductions and promises his full cooperation. Meanwhile, after telling Red she’s innocent, Meera offers to find the mole who tried to have him killed.

After Liz uncovers files at Cyprus of more than two dozen kids who were never reported missing, their DNA profiles reveal that 12 of them are children of the same five missing college students, all of whom are suspected kidnapping victims. Finding that one of the missing women, Kate Ellison, is the mother of two children born after she was kidnapped, Liz suspects they are being used to produce babies for the agency’s clients. However, the FBI narrowly misses stopping the next kidnapping target from being delivered to Mallory, whom Liz and Ressler discover was adopted and then given up by his parents when he proved too much for them to handle. Meanwhile, Meera uncovers a classified FBI document that identifies the mole.

When Kate is found murdered, her autopsy suggests that, despite having been bedridden, she was in excellent condition to deliver a baby. Tracing the drug used to sedate her, Red and Liz arrive at a fertility clinic where they find 22 comatose pregnant women who are being used to produce genetically perfect babies fathered by Mallory. But when Mallory attacks and is brought down by Ressler, the case gives Liz second thoughts about her own decision to be a mother. Finally, after Meera gives him the classified order used to target him for execution, Red confronts and kills the real mole, Justice Department lawyer Diane Fowler