The Blacklist

Season 4



Following the deadly missile attack on the Factory, Ressler and Samar reunite with Red to improvise a radio to call for help. Though Kat Goodson says the prison’s top secret status means it never existed, Cooper defies her and orders a rescue after hearing their SOS. Having been spirited away on a medivac helicopter by Luther Braxton, Liz is in Juneau, Alaska being waterboarded in an attempt to unlock childhood memories that will reveal the location of the Fulcrum. But when torture doesn’t work, Braxton turns to Dr. Selma Orchard, the neurologist who repressed his traumas from of the Gulf War, threatening to kill her son unless she recovers Liz’s memories of her youth. Meanwhile, as Aram finds clues pointing to Orchard and Red calls to warn Braxton that he’s in over his head, the Director reassures the cabal that a team is closing in on the Fulcrum.

With Braxton looking on, Orchard uses a potent combination of drugs to take Liz back to her childhood and the mysterious fire that’s haunted her. As Orchard balks at continuing for fear of killing her, Liz regains consciousness and says that her father was at the fire. Though Orchard warns that proceeding is too dangerous, Liz insists they continue in order to learn that truth about her past. Meanwhile, after warning his associates that Braxton is going down, Red ambushes him at his safe house. Finding her administering the treatments, Red takes over from Orchard and leads Liz through repressed memories of overhearing an argument about the Fulcrum. When Ressler and Samar show up and demand that he stop, Liz wakes up after remembering Red was at the fire and realizes that his presence in her life has nothing to do with her, but is because of the Fulcrum.

Arriving at home, the Director finds Red waiting for him with Braxton’s corpse hanging from his ceiling. Warned that continuing to pursue the Fulcrum is dangerous, Red assures the Director that he won’t stop until he gets what he’s after. As Goodson quashes any further investigation into the Factory and Cooper and his wife get some disturbing news, Orchard tells Liz that her attempt to recover her memories wasn’t the first time someone had tried to manipulate her. Finally, as she’s going through a box of childhood mementos, Liz finds a mysterious box hidden inside a stuffed rabbit.