The Blacklist

Season 4

Madeline Pratt


Using a multimillion-dollar theft from an Istanbul safe deposit box to get his attention, businesswoman and fellow crime fixer Madeline Pratt asks Red to help steal the Effigy of Atargatis, a fifth century B.C. statue rumored to contain the names of top Soviet spies, the Kungur Six. After providing Cooper with evidence of her many crimes, Red offers to turn over the list and Madeline. Posing as Red’s longtime criminal collaborator, Liz overcomes a rocky start with Madeline and agrees to steal the effigy from the Syrian Embassy. Meanwhile, in an effort to undo the damage her work schedule has caused at home, Liz promises to accompany Tom to a conference in Florida.

Though Madeline insists that her high profile makes it impossible for her to be seen anywhere near the theft, when she enters an embassy reception with a Syrian diplomat who’s been recruited by Russian mobsters, Red suspects that she’s there to steal the statue herself. Using keys and access codes provided by Aram, Liz arrives at the reception and, as Red distracts Madeline, makes her way into the room where the effigy is kept. But when the security alarms are activated and Liz is apprehended, Red poses as a CIA agent and intimidates the guards into releasing her as Madeline quietly snatches the statue and makes her getaway. Meanwhile, in the wake of the botched operation, Tom is disappointed to learn that Liz can’t join him in Florida after all.

As Madeline looks to ransom the effigy, Cooper tells his team that the Kungur Six is actually a list of tactical nuclear weapons hidden in the U.S. by the Russians. When Red tracks her down and Madeline reveals that the list wasn’t in the statue, they are kidnapped by Syrian agents. But as Madeline offers to give the Syrians what they are after, she discovers Red has scammed her. So when the Russian mobsters show up to take the statue, they walk into an FBI ambush, too. However, after everyone realizes that the list is missing, Cooper discovers that Red has had it all along.