The Blacklist

Season 4



Facing a grand jury subpoena, Cooper orders Liz to come clean about her involvement in Harbormaster Eugene Ames’ murder. While refusing to go into detail, she does say she didn’t kill him. But when Deputy Attorney General Reven Wright files a motion to quash the subpoena and keep the task force a secret, Judge Richard Denner orders Liz to testify why a trial would threaten national security. Meanwhile, Red says the only way to save Liz is to find the Major, a Blacklister who transforms sociopathic teenagers into a dangerous cadre of adult criminals. To get him, Red needs to get to Malaysia’s Deputy Minister to the U.N. So after convincing the FBI to kidnap him, Red threatens to give up the diplomat to a ruthless drug cartel if he doesn’t turn the Major over.

In chambers, Liz recounts her rapid rise from rookie profiler to member of a secret task force working with the FBI’s most wanted criminal, Raymond Reddington. When Judge Denner questions why Red only works with her, Liz insists she’s telling the truth. Explaining that her husband, Tom Keen, was spying on her because of her connection to Red, Liz claims she killed him in self defense months before Ames was murdered. When Denning continues to have doubts and suggests her allegiance is with Red, she lashes out at him for questioning her loyalty. However, after re-interviewing the Samoan guard who was there when Ames died, Detective Martin Wilcox orders the ship searched for evidence placing Liz’s gun at the scene. Meanwhile, in Dresden, Tom looks to create an opening for himself by killing a shady arms dealer who’s in league with his new neo-Nazi friends.

After defending the task force’s success in bringing down criminals, Liz goes on to talk about Red’s connection with her father and how his interest in the Blacklist is linked to a file containing the names of a secret organization operating inside the government - the Fulcrum. Though Denner continues to suspect Liz and Tom of the murder, when called to testify, Cooper perjures himself and backs up Liz’s story. But Wilcox throws a wrench in the works when he produces a bullet from her gun that was found at the crime scene. Meanwhile, when called to meet the Malaysian diplomat, the Major is stunned to learn that he’s been tricked by Red. Finally, when Dembe says he should have come clean with Liz a long time ago, Red admits he doesn’t know how.