The Blacklist

Season 4



Nearly 30 years after a boy was kidnapped in Sierra Leone after witnessing the brutal massacre of his family, a skinned corpse washes ashore in Kamchatka, Russia. Suspecting the work of transnational poachers known as the Mombasa Cartel, Red encourages Liz to speak with billionaire conservationist Geoff Perl. Telling Liz that he’s been after the cartel for years, Perl directs her to question an importer named Lee Chung, who denies knowing anything about the murders. However, after another flayed corpse turns up in Japan, Samar speculates that someone is systematically killing the world’s wild animal poachers. Meanwhile, after Ezra, the sniper who’s been following Liz, threatens to reveal her secret behind the metal door to Red, she has him arrested.

Aram traces the skinned bodies’ point of origin to Sitka, Alaska, the former home of the radical Animal Underground Network. Living in their abandoned compound, the elderly Skye Kincaid is sending her son Peter to kidnap poachers, who are then hunted by his mentally challenged brother Matthew, a skilled taxidermist who reassembles their skins into a lifelike human tableau. Suspecting a link between the killings and the Network’s cabin, Ressler heads to Alaska to investigate despite struggling with his painkiller addiction. When Ressler finds the Kincaids holding Chung, Peter knocks him out and locks them both in cages before releasing them in the forest in a twisted hunting game where humans are the prey. Matthew hunts and kills Chung, but Ressler stabs Matthew amid an eerie campfire display of stuffed poachers, forcing Matthew to retreat to the cabin where Liz and a SWAT team are about to pounce. Meanwhile, Red introduces himself as Kenneth to his daughter Zoe, who works on a food truck.

Upon realizing that conservationist Perl is Matthew’s father and the person controlling the poaching operation, Red forces him to turn over the names of the Mombasa Cartel. After recalling how he adopted a boy found in a brothel in Nairobi years ago - the same one abandoned by the poachers who massacred his family - Red reveals that the now-grown boy is his loyal aide Dembe before shooting Perl. Back in Alaska, the SWAT team kills Peter while Skye electrocutes herself and Matthew in a bathtub to keep from being arrested. Finally, as Red continues getting to know Zoe, Liz must decide what to do now that Ezra has learned she’s keeping her husband Tom locked up on an abandoned ship.