The Blacklist

Season 4



Following the robbery of Monarch Douglas Bank’s Warsaw branch that’s widely used to launder money for numerous criminal enterprises, Red asks Liz to set aside the fact that Berlin is holding his wife Naomi hostage and urges her to head to Poland to investigate. Unaware they are being followed by Mossad Agent Samar Navabi, Liz and Ressler see surveillance footage suggesting the heist was really a kidnapping of bank employee Kaja Tomczak. Told that the bank was providing Kaja with an unprecedented degree of protection, Red uses evidence found in the getaway van to lead Liz and Ressler the kidnappers. But when Liz and Ressler arrive at the safe house where she’s being held, Kaja reveals she’s actually running from bank executive Matthew Strickland and his criminal clientele.

As Berlin warns Strickland in no uncertain terms to get to the bottom of the robbery, Kaja tells Ressler that the bank paid her to memorize the details of illicit Monarch Douglas accounts, which she then used to drain them of their assets. After a rogue FBI agent working for Strickland draws Liz and Ressler into an ambush, Samar appears out of nowhere to provide them a chance to escape - but not before Kaja is shot. With Red working behind the scenes, Liz and Ressler take Kaja to a freight train just steps ahead of the corrupt cops who are in hot pursuit. Seeing their getaway in danger, Red intercepts them and takes Kaja to his plane for a fight out of the country. Meanwhile, after Naomi nearly manages to escape, Red calls Berlin to arrange a meeting to negotiate for her freedom.

Claiming he’s been wrongly accused of killing Berlin’s daughter, Red freezes his assets and offers to release them in exchange for Naomi. Realizing that Red used Kaja’s photographic memory to gain access to Berlin’s money, Liz gets her to reveal the account codes in order to stop him. However, when Red still refuses to call off his deal with Berlin, Liz concedes that it’s still her job to protect him as a bureau asset and releases the cash to free Naomi. Finally, after he’s told to bury the details of the case in order to protect the bureau, Cooper agrees to bring Samar inside the task force - unaware that she’s secretly working for Red.