The Blacklist

Season 4

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26 Sep, Mon
Season 4
Episode 1



As Tom continues to worm his way into a neo-Nazi drug gang in Dresden, back in Washington Judge Richard Denner shows Liz a bloodstained bullet that places her at the scene of Harbormaster Eugene Ames’ murder. As Denner is preparing to rule on whether Liz can be tried in front of a jury, Red says that the one person who can save her is none other than Tom, whom everyone but Liz thought was dead. When Aram tracks him to Germany, Red and Ressler show up to intercede in an arms deal he’s brokered. Though he asks them not to blow his cover, Red tells the gang that Tom has been working with the German authorities. Realizing he’s cornered, Tom opens fire and escapes, leaving the gang to be killed by Red, Ressler and Dembe. However, when Tom calls to demand an explanation for Red’s interference and vows not to go back to the States under any circumstances, Red says a confession from him is the only thing that will keep Liz out of prison.

While Cooper is confronting Liz about forcing him to perjure himself in Denner’s courtroom, he collapses and has a seizure. After rushing him to the hospital and learning about his brain tumor, Liz promises Cooper’s wife that she’ll keep his condition a secret. As Detective Wilcox suspects Liz is preparing to run now that she’s started transferring money into an offshore account, Denner reconvenes his hearing and demands to know why Cooper isn’t there. Unmoved by Deputy Attorney General Reven Wright’s request for a delay, the judge is still forced to withhold his ruling when Tom shows up to confess and exonerate Liz.

Though Denner has no choice but to drop the murder charges, when he still wants to try Liz for perjury and being an accessory to murder, new Attorney General Tom Connolly pressures him to quash the subpoena on the grounds of national security and forget he ever heard anything about the task force or Tom. As Connolly reassures Cooper that he’s made his problems go away - and that he expects something in return - Red warns Liz that using her own money to set up a scholarship for Ames’ teenage daughter may not assuage her guilt over his murder. As Liz comes to the realization that Red always knew how things would play out in court, she gets a call from none other than her “ex-husband” Tom.