The Blacklist

Season 4

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28 Sep, Wed
Season 4
Episode 1



After masterminding the murder of a CIA agent in Shanghai, freelance Chinese spy Wujing – no. 84 on “the blacklist” – hires Red to decode his encrypted computer files. When Red turns around and offers to bring him to the FBI, he insists that Liz pose as an encryption specialist he’s hired to identify another CIA target. Though Cooper is anxious to move, Liz balks at putting someone else in harm’s way. But after Meera says that one of the four agents Wujing killed was her former station chief, Liz prepares for her role as MIT-trained physicist Dr. Carolyn Givens. Meanwhile, as Liz hopes a ballistics test on a gun she found at home will shed some light on her husband Tom, a shadowy figure slips in unnoticed to plant surveillance cameras in their house.

Dangerously out of range of the FBI’s surveillance once she and Red enter Wujing’s underground bunker, Liz passes a series of security tests before teaming with cryptographer Jin Sun. Needing to access Jin’s computer in order to contact Ressler, Red creates a distraction by pointing out an FBI surveillance van parked nearby. When Wujing sends a team to investigate, Liz slips a memory stick into Jin’s computer that allows the FBI to watch her decode the name of the CIA operative, Henry Cho. As Ressler discovers that Henry is not actually a CIA agent, but an architect who agreed to steal plans for a Chinese government building, Wujing realizes that his operation has been compromised. After detaining Red and Liz, he accuses Jin of betraying him. But even as Jin insists he’s innocent, Red shoots him to keep from being discovered.

As Wujing leads Red and Liz to safety, his assassins close in on a construction site where Henry is giving his young son a tour. After alerting Henry to the danger and telling him to hide with the boy, Meera and Ressler arrive just in time to keep them from being killed. Asking to be dropped off at a subway stop, Red is certain that Wujing has escaped, until Liz reveals that she secretly placed a tracking device on him that allows the CIA to stop him. When Liz presses him about his interest in her, Red claims that his attachment is because of her father. Finally, as classified tests reveal her husband’s gun was used in a homicide, Liz doesn’t know that Ressler also got the results and that someone is listening to everything going on inside her house.