The Challenger Muaythai

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26 Aug, Tue6.00am44 minEPISODE 1Episode 1
27 Aug, Wed2.10am44 minEPISODE 1Episode 1
27 Aug, Wed5.00am44 minEPISODE 1Episode 1
27 Aug, Wed6.00am44 minEPISODE 2Episode 2
28 Aug, Thu2.10am44 minEPISODE 2Episode 2
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About The Challenger Muaythai

Sweat, blood and adrenaline pump through AXN in The Challenger Muaythai.

Things are about to get bloody exciting on AXN. The network is bringing the heat of the fight back to TV screens with a brand new series The Challenger Muaythai, and in high definition no less! Whether for glory or gain, 16 world-class fighters will fight it out to win the ultimate title of Muaythai World Champion and the grand prize of US$100,000!

From Malaysia, Thailand to Israel and South Africa, the motley crew of fighters trail blaze an impressive track record both in their countries and in the international arena, with numerous championship titles under their belts. 

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