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Actor Name: Nugget McNaught 'Nugget'

Nugget McNaught has been within the Muaythai circle for an incredible 22 years, but has been practicing martial arts for even longer. Nugget commenced Karate lessons at the tender age of 13 and says that Muaythai was a natural progression from there.

Nugget is one of two trainers this season on The Challenger. The Australian trainer who lives between Thailand and Brisbane, Australia (his homeland) got his name from a bunch of school kids. When asked how the name 'Nugget' came about, he says "Ask Ronald MacDonald.. McNaught.. MacNugget... Add in some school kids and after that the nickname just stuck. I was 'Nugget' from then on".

Clearly having a sense of humour, and being a rather down to earth guy, Nugget is actually an incredibly tough and ruthless trainer saying, "I'm a no nonsense coach that will break someone down to help them find the champion inside themselves. I'm demanding and strict but I make fighters made of steel. I'm not one to tip toe around your feelings - I say what I mean and mean it when I say it! I'm all about tough love and I would do anything for my fighters and expect nothing less in return". Added to that, he seems to have a number of pet peeves, such as people who are always late, people with poor hygiene, thieves, liars... the list goes on! Looks like there'll be little room to make mistakes under Nugget's regime! On top of that, Nugget's attitude to fighters is, "Don't you tell me what you could have done... because my answer will be: Well, why didn’t you do it?"