Last Resort


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Captain Marcus Chaplin

Actor Name: Andre Braugher

The Captain of the Ohio-class submarine, the USS Colorado, Marcus is a man of principle, honor, and duty. When questionable orders arrive to fire a devastating nuclear strike on Pakistan, rather than blindly obey, Marcus questions the order, and ultimately refuses it, laying himself and his senior officers open to charges of mutiny and treason. But in that moment, Marcus embodies the core tenet of the US Navy’s Honor Concept: to “stand for that which is right.” Spurred by this intrinsic belief, Marcus leads his crew in blazing a new path – one marked with questions of loyalty, sacrifice, and what it means to be an American. As a man who has lost many dear to him in the service of country, Marcus’ personal journey is especially perilous. In him, we have a puzzle that could tip either way: Is he George Washington, leading a band of hopefuls away from a mad world; or is he Captain Kurtz from Apocalypse Now, a man ultimately corrupted by power, who led his people into a dark and inescapable vortex.