Last Resort


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SEAL Officer James King

Actor Name: Daniel Lissing

After an operation in Pakistan goes south, Navy Seal James King finds himself on a Zodiac in the middle of the Indian Ocean. With members of their team dead, and another gravely wounded, James and the Seals are on a short fuse by the time the Colorado picks them up. The trouble begins when Marcus questions the order to fire on Pakistan, and only worsens when the Colorado is in turn fired on by another US submarine. When his Seals Commander is killed in the sub action that follows, James finds himself the de facto leader of the team. But once his feet hit the sands of Sainte Marina, the only mission he’s interested in is to down as much booze as the island’s only bar can pour. His desire to obliterate the last 48 hours is made all the more palatable by Tani, the lovely Sainte Marina native behind the bar. James takes no orders from Marcus, saying that he doesn’t know what this operation is any more, but it sure as hell ain’t the Navy.