Last Resort


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Sophie Girard

Actor Name: Camille de Pazzis

A native of France and a citizen of the world, Sophie is a trained scientist who happens to be employed by NATO in Sainte Marina when Marcus pulls up his nuclear submarine on the island’s shores. A deeply empathetic person, Sophie is troubled by the death and disruption that the Colorado has brought to Sainte Marina. Her time on the island has led to genuine bonds, among the native people and, more dangerously, the corrupt, self-proclaimed “mayor” of Sainte Marina’s two-road town, Soubourg. While initially reluctant to provide Marcus and Sam the benefit of her knowledge and connections, Sophie eventually concedes that she can do more good if she stays. Also swaying her decision to stay is her complicated relationship to Sam. She’s not used to being around honorable men and while there’s an attraction, ironically it’s that very honor – his unwavering devotion to his wife, Christine – that may keep him from ever reaching for Sophie.