Last Resort


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Tani Tumrenjack

Actor Name: Dichen Lachman

A native of the island by blood, Tani’s roots in Sainte Marina are more tangled than they might appear. Her father left the island as a young man, and met Tani’s mother in Australia where they lived for many years, before he decided to take his young family back to his home. Having spent her formative years in a more permissive Western culture, Tani had to adjust to the simpler ways of her father’s tribe. When her mother died (the result of the island’s lack of proper medical care) Tani rebelled. One foot in and one foot out, Tani runs the bar in town, hoping to make enough money to earn her a ticket back into the world. When the Colorado lands on her doorstep in the form of a handsome Navy Seal with a brick of cash, she’s more than willing to take both the Seal and the cash. While having a nuclear sub parked in the harbor of what used to be the middle of nowhere might unnerve anyone else, Tani takes it in stride. Hell, it might be the most exciting thing that will ever happen to her.