Last Resort


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XO Sam Kendal

Actor Name: Scott Speedman

As XO of the Colorado and Marcus’ second in command, Sam is more pragmatist than philosopher. More man of action than sideline coach. But with a built in moral compass, some actions don’t come easy. In their many years together on the Conn of the Colorado, Marcus and Sam have developed an easy cadence, an effortless rhythm in piloting one of the most powerful weapons vessels in the world. In the weeks to come, as he tries to maintain the easy synch he’s shared with Marcus for so long, Sam will be pushed into places where there are no good and simple solutions. And if there’s one thing that can trump Sam’s allegiance to Marcus, it’s his commitment to his wife, Christine. For Sam, his loyalty and debt to Marcus is something he will continuously weigh against his love for Christine and his vision of a home that is rapidly shrinking on the horizon.