Last Resort

Blue On Blue


The Colorado has made it to Sainte Marina and fired the warning shot that has riveted the world’s attention. For the moment, paralyzed nations, The U.S. foremost among them, do not dare to attack Marcus and his people overtly. Yet they are more than willing to sneak in a Special Forces squad to assassinate Marcus and take back the Colorado. As Sam suits up to lead a force inland to intercept this attack, the question looms of how to fight when those you would kill are also fellow Americans. And even as Grace faces the emotional consequences of having taken a life, she must also face the threat of retaliation from her own troops. For Sam, and Grace, and the SEAL James King, Episode 101 is a personal crucible that will reveal in the face of death what they are truly made of. THEMES: Who are we now? What do we stand for and under what flag do we stand? What line would we not cross? And lastly, what is the price of grief, or of the failure to grieve?