Last Resort

Eight Bells


Three crew members are still missing. Prosser is in the brig, and the crew may soon slide from insubordination into mutiny. Marcus and Sam must find a way to hold fast: Find their missing people, keep the crew together and continue to survive on their new home: an island that is not deserted by any means but is rife with a population with its own needs and sometimes, nefarious agendas. The search for the COLORADO’S three missing crew members leads Sam and Marcus to the compound of Julian Serrat, the local kingpin who traffics in illegal goods. Marcus finds himself making compromises that previously would have been considered unthinkable. In exchange for the crew members, the USS COLORADO must pick up a contraband shipment for Serrat before the impending blockade around the island closes. While on the mission, a malfunction on the COLORADO not only puts the sub and its crew in grave danger, but causes Marcus to miss Serrat’s deadline.