Last Resort

Skeleton Crew


Squeezed by the blockade, vilified in the U.S. press, disavowed by his country, Marcus Chaplin knows that the situation on Sainte Marina is rapidly becoming untenable. With resources running out and his crew dwindling, Marcus will be the chess master, manipulating the board of players in an attempt to find a way to resolve the standoff and prevent further violence. Seeking a diplomatic resolution, Marcus agrees to meet an envoy, the man who gave the false order to fire on Pakistan, Secretary of Defense William Curry. During the negotiation, Grace takes command of the Colorado and leads a harrowing mission in which she will be forced to make a life--- and---death decision. In the culmination of this episode, our characters will battle with the dangerous cabal that now controls the U.S. executive branch. We’ll see them learn first---hand the harsh wisdom of Zhou Enlai who said: “Diplomacy is merely a continuation of war by other means.”