Last Resort



Assassination. Sabotage. Mutiny. Captain Marcus Chaplin indicted for treason against the United States. The crew of the Colorado is at a fracture point. Crew morale is at an all---time low. One thing becomes perfectly clear. Many want out. They want to go home. Marcus knows that if he is going to continue to be able to lead these men and women, they are going to have to want to be led. And so, he gives them a choice: Stay or go. It is Marcus’s job to convince his crew of the righteousness of his cause and, in doing so, make it their own. Complicating this is a secret message sent by Secretary of Defense Curry to select members of the crew, giving orders to terminate Marcus’s command and seize the boat. It all comes to a head on the Conn of the Colorado where Marcus’s leadership will be put to a deadly test.