Why Audition?
Asia's Got Talent is the biggest talent competition in the world and this is your chance to showcase your talent to millions of viewers on Asia's #1 TV channel, AXN!
Sign up and audition today
A Day at the Audition
Your audition day will be exciting, nerve-wracking and most of all inspiring. It may be a very long day so please be prepared.
Step 1 : Register Online
Firstly, register online for the city that you have selected for your Open Audition. It is not mandatory but you will save time on audition day. Typically, the doors open from 10am to 6pm, and you can arrive anytime within these hours.

Next, start preparing your audition. You have 2 minutes to perform so make it count! Be original, tell a story and stand out from the crowd. We have some helpful advice on our Frequently Asked Questions section of this site.
STEP 2 : Arrive at Venue and Check In
When you arrive at the venue, you will be required to do an on-site check in. Even if you registered online, you'll need to check in to receive a number tag. It's here you'll submit any necessary paperwork and show your Photo ID and proof of residency/nationality. Please read the Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions carefully.

If you are a minor under 21 years of age, please fill out this personal release form beforehand. Please make sure it is filled out completely and signed before entering the venue. For instance, if a coach or instructor is bringing a group of minors to the audition, every single minor needs their own personal release form and photo identification and proof of residency/nationality, and a guardianship authorization form (if applicable).

Also keep in mind that the audition lines may be long. We never know exactly how many people will show up, so please prepare water, light snacks and a portable power bank for your phone.
STEP 3 : Show Us Your Talent
After registering at the check-in desk, you'll head to our holding room and rehearsal area. You'll see our AXN cameras in there filming around the holding room, gathering footage for the Asia's Got Talent episodes.

When it is your turn to audition, we will call your audition number. Remember to keep your audition number with you at all times.

You may wait a long time, so feel free to bring something or someone to keep you company, or make some new friends while you wait. We have different types of audition rooms for different talent. You'll be sent to the best room for your act.

So register today and we look forward to seeing you on our search for Asia's next superstar. There would be no show without you!
Audition Tips & Advice
1) Be original - Be passionate, be enthusiastic, be interesting.
2) Don't be boring - Be exciting and thrill our Producers.
3) Stand out from the crowd - Make a good impression, make eye contact and smile at the Producers.
4) Be fearless - Be confident and turn up those good energy vibes. No one likes to see nerves.
5) Tell your story - Be captivating and most importantly, be yourself!

And dress to impress! Come with the costume or outfit you want to wear on TV. Wear something you're comfortable in, but will also let you stand out in the crowd.