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The rules of ‘75’ are simple: prank call a random person and scare the hell out of them for ‘75’ seconds. If the person laughs or hangs up, you lose. Whoever has the best ‘scare’ wins.

The spring semester is coming to a close at a prestigious private university in Colorado. A close-knit circle of friends who have dubbed themselves the ‘Crew’, are tired of studying for finals and engage in a harmless prank calling contest called ‘75.’ However in this modern version of an old childhood prank, the calls are crueler and the stakes are higher.

Every night dorms are packed with students wagering on each phone call. For the Crew and their friends, ‘75’ quickly becomes a popular game on campus. When finals are over and it’s time to party, rich classmates invites the Crew to his family’s hideaway mansion in the mountains. But what starts as celebration, relaxation, and an exclusive round of ‘75’, turns into an intense game of survival when someone accidentally calls the wrong person.



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