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Dussadee Oeawpanich

Actor Name: Dussadee Oeawpanich

Age: 35
Nationality: Thai
Marital status: Single
Education: Masters of Arts (Communication Studies) from University of Northern Iowa
Current Occupation: Owner of a bistro bar

“My diverse background and experiences that I bring to the show will help me win. I’m surrounded by all types of people; I’m good at dealing with them and I’m good at organizing and planning.”

Dee grew up amongst eastern and western influences, in Thailand where she was born, and in the States where she survived Hurricane Katrina. Moving from the countryside to the cities has made her resilient to changes. Her parents have a big influence on her life – her tough and savvy father was a shrimp farm owner, a risky business with unpredictable incomes , and her meticulous mother who operated a restaurant taught her all about good hospitality.

Aside from her family business, Dee opened her own bistro in 2007, where she seeks to serve international gourmet food inspired from her travels, as well as authentic thai cuisine.