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Ng Kian Tat

Actor Name: Ng Kian Tat

Age: 34
Nationality: Malaysian
Marital status: Married
Education: SPM (O levels equivalent)
Current Occupation: Business Owner

“Money is my No. 1 value in life. No money no talk rings loud. Everything I do is for money and what money can do for me and my family.”

Hanzo has always chosen the road less taken. At 18, he came across a motivational book which changed his mindset about life and career, and subsequently led him to leave college in the third semester. At 19, he started his first business which failed and it wasn’t till he embarked onto his third and current venture before he succeeded. He married his girlfriend last year, whom he met on the internet.

Even as one of the few candidates without a bachelor’s degree, Hanzo exudes an air of confidence and is all ready to demolish the competition. He might also have an edge as a fan who has watched all the different franchises of The Apprentice, from the US, UK to the Irish and Australian editions.