Asia's Got Talent

Season 2


Q: Which city do you come together to practice in?

Q: How did your group first get together and how are you staying together?
The girls all dance & train in the same dance school. They meet at least once a week, & right now, other than Asia's Got Talent, they are also preparing for a performance with Budak Pantai at the Esplanade on 4 June, & a competition, GET THE BEAT which will run from 18 June to 21 June.

Q: Which other competitions have you entered before Asia's Got Talent?
Every year, our favourite competitions are; West Coast Dance Festival, in Perth in April
Dance Quest, in Perth in June
Commonwealth Society of Teachers' of Dancing (CSTD), in Singapore usually in August
Asia Pacific Dance Competition organized by CSTD which is a region-wide competition.

Q: Why did you enter Asia's Got Talent?
Honestly....FOR FUN!!! We recognize that each time the girls prepare for a competition, they invest a lot of time, effort & money into it ....the dance we did for the Open Auditions & Judges' Auditions was a dance which took about 35 classes to get it to the standard it is at today. The girls have won 1st placing with that dance since 2014. So when we saw the advertisement for AGT auditions on TV, we thought – "Hey!! Why not??!!" ....& the rest, as they say, is history....

Q: Describe your act's experience in Asia's Got Talent so far?
Mind blowing!! The girls have become so much better dancers now – the challenge to prepare a dance item within 4 weeks & to have it at competition level for a talent show of this caliber, & to have each dance have to be better than the one before....UNBELIEVABLE !!! And of course, for the girls, to meet celebrities like Mel C, Anggun, Van Ness & David – surreal for them!!!

Q: Who is your favourite judge and why?
Mel C is the group favourite simple because the girls can relate to her songs.

Q: How many hours per day and per week do you practice?
In total, taking the time spent on regular technique classes, & competition preparation classes for solos, & troupe dances – all about an average of 7-9 hours a week.

Q: Please share with us how a typical day is like for your act?
Wake up, go to school, do school CCA, do school homework, then spend the afternoon either at tuition or dance school or some other sport like swimming, bowling or music class, play a ipad bit, watch tv a bit, go to sleep....

Q: What do you think are your chances to win Asia's Got Talent and why?
Slim....coz the other acts were just SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!! We know we are the best at our tap dancing & we feel we performed exceptionally well at the Finals yesterday!! But, the others were also AMAZING!! So it is really up to the public to choose....we just hope that our fans, & friends & fellow countrymen will vote for us ....AGT4!!!

Q: What will you do with the prize money if you win Asia's Got Talent?
Kyra Khor (aged 10 from Tao Nan Primary School)
....would give 75% to charity and keep the other 25%

Jayda Lum (aged 9 from Ngee Ann Primary School)
....would go shopping and buy a lot of stuff

Nur Deanna bte Mohd Ismael (aged 11 from Temask Primary School)
....would build a school....

Drea Lai (aged 10 from Haig Girls' School)
....would save up....

Isabelle Lim (aged 11 from Marymount Convent School)
....would give the money to her Mommy....

Angeline Koh (aged 10 from Haig Girls' School)
....would give 75% to charity and go to Nepal & help rebuild

Cheah Jing Qian (aged 10 from Haig Girls' School)
....would build a hospital, & wants to be the doctor in charge of the hospital

Hannah Alyaa Tan (aged 12 from St Anthony's Secondary School)
....would donate most to charity, perhaps build a zoo and give it to her Mother because she needs it

Lea Chong (aged 9 from St Hilda's Primary School)
....would donate some to charity and use some of it to buy books

Caitlynn Pang (aged 10 from Greenwood Primary School)
....would save the money

Olivia Weir (aged 10 from Australian International School)
....would buy candy


Other Finalists