Asia's Got Talent

Season 2


Q: Which city do you come together to practice in?
All the members of the team are from Tanauan City, Batangas province in the Philippines.

Q: How did your group first get together and how are you staying together.
Most of the original members were schoolmates back in college. But only in the latter days the team invited additional performers from common friends of each member. Local municipal competitions helped our group stay together.

Q: Which other competition have you entered before Asia's Got Talent?
The last competition we participated in was Philippines Got Talent in 2013.

Q: Why did you enter Asia's Got Talent?
Honestly, we only wanted to experience the international TV stage and show what we've got as performers. But now we realized we have the opportunity to honor our nation honor and to make our people proud. We hope we will make it.

Q: Describe your acts and experience in Asia's Got Talent so far.
We always consider our act as a gift from God. A gift we must love and share by showing them how amazing shadow theater is, to put smiles in the hearts of people, especially the sad ones. To be a part of this prestigious TV show is an experience of a lifetime. We would never forget every single happy and sad moment. Being able to meet new friends from all over Asia is another beautiful thing we have been privileged to enjoy, and seeing the famous judges in person have also been a blessing.

Q: Who is your favorite judge and why?
All of them are equally amazing authorities in the show but of course Anggun would remain in our hearts forever for pushing the golden buzzer for us in the judges’ auditions.

Q: How many hours per day and per week do you practice?
For new materials, it typically takes us 7 days, 10 to 12 hours of practice daily, to make the whole thing perfect. Shadow theater is not easy; it takes a lot of effort and discipline from everyone.

Q: Please share with us how a typical day is like for your act.
It is a daily routine for everyone; we go into our studio in the morning for rehearsals and at night, spend time with our families. On Sunday, we go to church to return to God all the glory.

Q: What do you think are your chances to win Asia's Got Talent and why?
We will stand a chance if we have the ardent soul for our presentation. Since we perform a shadow theater, the edge for our act is that we can go straight to the hearts of the judges and audiences to move their sentiments.

Q: What will you do with the prize money if you win Asia's Got Talent?
That's a lot of money for us – we will share with our families the joy of it and the home of the aged we are helping in our local community.


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