Asia's Got Talent

Season 2


Q: Which city do you reside in?
I live in Parañaque City.

Q: When did you realize your interest in your act and why did you continue to pursue it?
I was around 3 when I realized I was really hooked into classical and crossover music. Whenever I sing or listen to this kind of music, I feel like I always transport into another dimension. A place where there is only love and peace. Singing these songs really uplifts my heart.

Q: Which other competitions have you entered before Asia's Got Talent?
Philipinas' Got Talent (5 years ago).

Q: Why did you enter Asia's Got Talent?
Because I have a dream and that is to be able to inspire people around the world and touch their hearts with my music.

Q: Describe your experience in Asia's Got Talent so far?
It has been incredible! I met a lot of great acts and I saw how beautiful their cultures are and how dedicated they are in their own crafts. Joining Asia's Got Talent is one of the greatest experiences I had in my life.

Q: Who is your favourite judge and why?
David Foster. I have always been a huge fan of him. He is a genius and he's one of the best musicians I've ever known.

Q: How many hours per day and per week do you practice?
I always make it a point to do vocal warm-ups at least once a day for 15mins just to keep my vocal folds in its proper state all the time.

Q: Please share with us how a typical day is like for you?
I am an ordinary girl when not performing onstage. My friends can testify to that. I am the type of person who will just enjoy staying at home with my family, doing school works like homeworks, papers, etc. and bond my family (especially with mom).

Q: What do you think are your chances to win Asia's Got Talent and why?
This competition is really intense. Each act is unique in their own way and I believe they all deserve to have a spot at the Grand Finale but this is public voting so anything can happen... The most important thing is, each act is deserving, it is just up to the public to vote wisely... This is going to be history... Your vote may or may not make our dreams come true.

Q: What will you do with the prize money if you win Asia's Got Talent?
It is a given fact that when you win in a competition, you prioritize your family and help those who are close to you and has always been there to support you but aside from helping my family, I really want to help others and be able to touch their hearts and their lives. I want to help aspiring musicians to achieve their dreams in life. Being able to help others that are not even related to you is one of the best feelings you will ever accomplish in life.


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