Asia's Got Talent

Season 2


Q :Which city do you come together to practice in?

Q :How did your group first get together and how are you staying together?
We all studied in same college. Then we worked together in the dance and music ensemble.

Q :Which other competitions have you entered before Asia's Got Talent?
We did many competitions like 'Sibirian Peace' in Russia, 'Wind Songs' in Mongolia and 'Delphic-3' in Korea.

Q :Why did you enter Asia's Got Talent?
To promote Mongolian music around the world.

Q :Describe your act's experience in Asia's Got Talent so far?
Great experience. We are very happy to represent Mongolian music, culture and history through this amazing world class show!

Q :Who is your favourite judge and why?
David and Anggun because we met Anggun at the "Pantene" event and she was extremely nice to us. David is a very fair judge even though he looks tough. Also, he thanked us personally for introducing our music to him.

Q :How many hours per day and per week do you practice?
8 hours a day when we are working. Sometimes 7 days a week if there is work at the ensemble. But our band usually practice 2 hours a day and 3-4 days a week.

Q :Please share with us how a typical day is like for your act?
Work, work and work. And performances on our own at the different events. Off days are for the families.

Q :What do you think are your chances to win Asia's Got Talent and why?
We think our chances are very high, because we found out that there are many foreigners that like our music and have voted for us, besides our Mongolian fans.

Q :What will you do with the prize money if you win Asia's Got Talent?
Most of us have loans so we will pay some of our loans. We will share it with our families and friends and some of it we will give to charity, to homeless kids and orphan kids.


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