Asia's Got Talent: Chasing the Dream with…checks in with past Asia's Got Talent contestants to see how they're doing, and what they expect to see in the new season of Asia's Got Talent.

DMX Comvalenoz gave us epic performances with their backflips and hair flicks when they took the stage. They impressed the audience during their Judges' Auditions and blew the judges away in the semi-finals to score a Judges' Pick.

"It was amazing, it was a great performance. Great jobs, guys," said Jay Park praising the dance crew in their first performance during the Judges' Auditions.

"It was really impressive seeing you perform, it was super entertaining," Anggun added.

Despite being the first runner-up, the dance crew remains optimistic and continues to train and hone their craft.

How has your life changed since Asia's Got Talent 2?
After Asia's Got Talent, there were some remarkable changes in the way we look at ourselves, and what others think of us. There were also lots of opportunities for us. Performing on Asia's Got Talent really gave us the confidence we needed, and it taught us how to humble.

It is our privilege to be one of the inspirations among the youths of today in our hometown. We gained so much support from different walks of life and some respected politicians even helped us in pursuing our dreams by giving us financial support.

What was your favourite moment during Asia's Got Talent 2?
The entire experience was very unforgettable. We really appreciate how well we were treated by the production crew, our experience in Singapore and visiting Universal Studio with other contestants. We will never forget the moment of us being the first runner-up of Asia's Got Talent 2 and forever it will remain in our hearts.

Do you still keep in touch with any of the acts from your seasons?
Yes, of course! We are still in touch with some of them like Neil, Sobhi, Urban Crew and Canon. In fact, we have video chats with Sobhi and XTRAP quite often.

What are you looking forward most to see in season 3 of Asia's Got Talent?
We expect to see more intense dance moves than that we have done in our season. We are also looking forward to be surprised by new and unique talents from around Asia.

Do you have a message for your fans?
A heartfelt gratitude to all the supporters of DMX Comvalenoz from all over the globe. Words are not enough to express our gratitude for the constant and warm support for us. You lift us high by trusting in our potentials. With the courage that you gave us, we were able to reach God's plan for us. You are the reason why we were able to go so far in the competition. Thank you for the opportunity that was given to us to be the best version of ourselves. The break that we had reminded us that it is not about fame. Thank you and until then!r>

Asia's Got Talent has given DMX Comvalenoz the rare opportunity to pursue their passion on the world's biggest stage and we know that they are going places! Visit their website to check out where they will be performing next. Head over to @AsiasGotTalent on Facebook and Instagram and tell us what you're most excited to see in the new season of Asia's Got Talent!

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