Asia's Got Talent

Season 2


Q: Do you stay in the same city? If not, which city do you come together to practice in?
We don't stay in the same city, but we all stay near Tokyo. We mainly practice in the studio located in a town called Shimokitazawa where is famous for fashionable second-hand clothes stores.

Q: How did your group first get together and what keeps you staying together as a group? How did the group Triqstar first come about? Speaking of team spirit, what do you think bonds the group together?
We got together with the intention of introducing something new-age into the mainstream style of dance. Without deviating from the "street dance" concept, we hope to put up a show that touches people's hearts.

Regarding team spirit, it is this "sense" that bonds us together - the common things that we laugh about, our attitudes toward the show. These are some things that we, like-minded buddies can click and understand one another within minutes of chatting, that outsiders will not understand even if it takes hours of talking. More importantly, we hope to emerge from Japan to become a world-class dance team.

Q: Which other competitions have you entered before Asia's Got Talent?
We participated three times in the DANCE@HERO JAPAN competition held by DANCE@TV, where 8 of the best teams in Japan fight for the nation's number 1 title. Our best record to date is 2nd place. We were very happy that our style has been recognized by such dance-specific events! Besides this, we also worked in various TV programs and commercials, as well as being backup dancers for various artistes.

Q: Why did you enter Asia's Got Talent?
We already told ourselves when we first formed our team that we are going to be "from Japan to the world". Furthermore, we wanted to offer something uniquely Japanese to challenge ourselves outside of Japan. The deciding factor was that we wanted to prove that "we are as good overseas as we are in Japan".

Q: Describe you're act's experience in Asia's Got Talent so far?
We have never before seen such a large scale production, where the staff works day and night on set just for the contestants, and are able to respond professionally to unreasonable orders. We really wish to thank everyone who is working on this production! Also, to those who have voted for us, we wish to say, "It is because of you that we were able to get into the grand finals. At the finals, we will give you a performance that conveys our gratitude to all of you". Asia's Got Talent is the best!

Q: Who is your favourite judge and why?
We like all of them. Each and every one of them gave us different advice, and we know they seriously mean what they say when they look straight into our eyes as they comment. Besides, even if we do pick one judge, wouldn't the rest be jealous? (laughs)

Q: How many hours per day and per week do you practice?
80% of our practice sessions consist of meetings. We feel that the whole performance depends on this. Therefore, we start practicing only after we have firmly established the concept and rundown. There are times where we don't meet for a week, and there are times where we practice for 4 hours daily.

Q: Please share with us how a typical day is like for your act?
When the members meet up, it is either for practice or for the actual performance. That's how a typical day is like for us. However, whenever we meet, we will always be fighting to see who can make the others laugh first.

Q: What do you think are your chances of winning Asia's Got Talent and why?
We can't say we are confident of winning, but we are definitely confident that we can show the audience what we wish to convey. The reason is because everybody working on this show is making the effort to understand what we wish to do. The crew members who are responsible for the stage plans are strong, as well as the fans that are enjoying our show – all of these factors help make our performance better. Thank you so much.

Q: What will you do with the prize money if you win Asia's Got Talent?
We wish to throw a party for everyone who has worked so hard on the show. We also want to properly pay those people who have lent their talent to us. As for the remaining money, we will secretly save it up at home, but will pretend to bring it to the casino in Singapore and lose it all. (Laughs)


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