Blue Bloods

Season 7


  • DannyReagan
  • ErinReagan-Boyle
  • Jamieson

Frank Reagan

Actor Name: Tom Selleck

A vibrant 58, Frank Reagan is patriarch of the Reagan family and also patriarch of New York City, having been installed one year ago as New York City Police Commissioner to satisfy a police department fed up with city government cronyism. From a family of cops himself (his father was also Police Commissioner in his day), Frank Reagan is a cop’s cop who rose up through the ranks, popular with his command but not with the powers that be.

If you had to imagine a man you’d want as chief of police in your own city or town, it would be Francis Reagan. A thoughtful and handsome man with an offhand confidence, he does not suffer fools gladly. As much as the pleasure of watching him handle the inevitable crises of his post, part of the fun of the series is watching him handle those fools, those in government as well as those in his own department.