Blue Bloods

Season 7


  • FrankReagan
  • DannyReagan
  • ErinReagan-Boyle

Jamison "Jamie" Reagan

Actor Name: Will Estes

If Danny is Sonny Corleone, then the youngest Reagan son, Jamie, is our Michael Corleone. The baby of a family in which the cop-slots already seemed amply filled, Jamie was groomed, especially by his mother, to be the child who would escape the dangers of police work, become a lawyer, go to Washington... and then who knows how high he might go? Joe’s death, however, had a profound effect on Jamie. He quit law and entered the police academy to become what he realized he’d always wanted to be: a cop. Jamie was his mother’s pet and is also, especially now that Joe is gone, the light of his father’s eyes, and we’ll notice that Jamie is very much like his father: the calm center, the watchfulness, the intelligent ability to hold two opposing views in his mind at once and make a judgment.