Caught Red Handed

Caught Red Handed

About Caught Red Handed

“Gotcha!” has never been so satisfying!

Overcoming such things as antiquated surveillance systems, no floor security, and even their own cashiers, store owners enlist the help of professional “loss prevention agents” to start a crackdown on store theft. These bold bandits don't realize that their every move is being watched, and soon begin to display their shameless shoplifting skills.

But with the help of the store’s "eye in the sky" as well as undercover agents patrolling the aisles, the thieves are seen doing such astounding acts as placing a pair of pricey sunglasses into a milkshake, stuffing hundreds of dollars of clothing into an oversized pocketbook, and slipping a bottle of champagne into a closed umbrella…not to mention “foraging”, i.e. eating their way through the store PAC-MAN style – appetizer, entrée and dessert…right down to the Coca-Cola chaser on the way out the door – without  paying, and, most brazenly of all, trying to bolt out the front door wearing a pair of stolen running shoes!

And the only thing more outrageous than the crimes themselves are the criminals and their ridiculous claims of innocence – even in the face of videotape evidence which shows them CAUGHT RED-HANDED!