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Calleigh Duquesne

Actor Name: Emily Procter

Known as “Bullet Girl” throughout the Miami-Dade Police Department, Calleigh is a top-drawer ballistics expert who can ID calibers on sight. However, the suicide, in her presence and in “her” ballistics lab, by another investigator, has left her rethinking her professional future. She grew up the privileged daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenworth Duquesne, a lawyer and an aspiring novelist. A true southern gent with a weakness for John Barleycorn, Duquesne hoped his daughter would also marry a southern gent and settle down. He is surprised, but proud, of the path she has chosen. For her part, Calleigh is quick to come to her dad’s aide when trouble arises, but as any member of a recovering alcoholic’s family, her concern for his addiction is never far from the surface.