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Eric Delko

Actor Name: Adam Rodriguez

Delko is a first generation Cuban, having crossed the Florida Straits while still in his mother’s womb. Upon arrival, his Russian-born father changed the family name from Delektorsky to Delko, and christened his newborn son Eric. Delko is a natural athlete, having graduated with a swimming scholarship from the University of Miami. After accepting the fact that his dreams of Olympic gold would never be realized, he turned his attentions to the police academy – and to his father’s great disappointment – offered his skills to the MDPD underwater recovery department. Delko was Horatio Caine’s first appointment upon taking over the crime lab, having been impressed with the younger man’s skills during a bomb scare. Putting his buddy and colleague Tim Speedle’s death in perspective has been a challenge for Delko, whose initial response to the loss was to immerse himself in anonymous sexual encounters. Despite his freewheeling nature – his love of women, Miami’s non-stop nightlife and fast cars – he is an invaluable asset to the team, especially with his strong ties to Miami’s Cuban-American community.