Cyril: Rio Magic

Cyril: Rio Magic

About Cyril: Rio Magic

In this six-part 30-minute series, Cyril flies halfway around the world to Brazil, where he goes local and tries his best to blend into everyday situations, often looking hilarious. Our magician-in-disguise infiltrates popular tourist spots around Rio de Janeiro to bring onlookers magical, and often comical, moments of wonder.

Tourists and locals alike think that there is nothing out of the ordinary – that they’re speaking to another friendly fruit vendor or repair man at the weekend fair or barista at the coffee shop – until something completely unexpected and inexplicable happens…

A departure from the traditional street magic series that established Cyril, Cyril: Rio Magic features a new and innovative way of magic storytelling. Set against scenic Rio de Janeiro, home of the upcoming 2014 FIFA Football World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics, Cyril: Rio Magic brings to audiences the colours, sights and sounds of the vibrant city...and of course, the magic of Cyril. All the magic of Cyril’s interaction with the people he meets in Brazil is captured on cameras, exposed or hidden.