Cyril's Family Vacation: Hawaii Edition

Cyril's Family Vacation: Hawaii Edition

About Cyril's Family Vacation: Hawaii Edition

What happens when you take the most influential and provocative magician in the world today, put him in disguise, and throw him into real-world situations?

In this 6 part series, internationally acclaimed magician and illusionist, Cyril shows us his personal side when he takes his “family” on a much needed vacation. Turns out the family has a little magic in their DNA… and when combined with charm and wit, a little bit goes a long way.

Our iconic sorcerer-in-disguise will infiltrate popular vacation spots and common everyday places in and around Hawaii in order to bring onlookers a magical moment of wonder. Tourists and locals alike will think that there’s nothing out of the ordinary… that they’re just speaking to another friendly vacationer…

…until something completely unexpected and unexplainable happens.

Maybe the wannabe surfer suddenly begins to defy gravity. Or maybe the nice looking older gentleman on the golf course uses his magic putter to create havoc on the 17th hole. Or possibly the unassuming grandmother sneezes a canary from her handkerchief. Whatever the magical instance, the targets are completely unaware that they’re being played; and every moment is captured with both exposed and hidden cameras.

A departure from the traditional street magic series that established Cyril, CYRIL’S FAMILY VACATION features a new and innovative way of magic storytelling. With one of Japan’s award winning special effects make-up teams at work, each character is brought to life with striking and convincing realism. Set against scenic Honolulu where Japanese culture is part of Hawaiian traditions and kanji is written alongside English on street signs, CYRIL’S FAMILY VACATION is a voyeuristic and addicting magical social experiment that tests the limits of what is and is not possible.