Peter Connelly
  • Lynn Monahan
  • Emma Wilson
  • Tad Billingham
  • Debbie Morgan
  • Faye
  • Ian Margrove
  • Ruth Ridell

Peter Connelly

Actor Name: Jason Isaacs

Golden Globe nominee, Jason Isaacs stars as Peter Connelly, an FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem, who while investigating a murder, uncovers a conspiracy 2,000 years in the making. Peter is a dedicated, headstrong FBI agent and Quantico trained criminologist. After a heart-wrenching death in Peter’s family led to a rift between him and his wife, Peter requested a reassignment that took him from Washington to Jerusalem. Peter is about results and that usually means following his gut rather than doing things by the book. But after a serious misstep in a previous case, Peter’s got a chip on his shoulder and to prove he still has what it takes, he’ll have to cooperate with his current superior and sometimes lover, Lynn Monahan.