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Age: 25

Hometown: Worcester, Mass.

Occupation: Former NFL Cheerleader, Community Relations Director

Motto: "Love, laugh and breathe, because you're never stuck in any place or situation."

About: Athena currently serves as a community relations director for a fitness academy. She believes she is a hero because she puts aside her problems in order to be there for others during their struggles. Athena faced adversity at a young age and that experience has made her more independent.

Acts of Heroism:

  • She sticks up for others who are being ridiculed.
  • She has verbally and physically fought to defend her brother, who was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor at the age of four, and who recently suffered a stroke at the age of 25.
  • As a Patriots cheerleader, Athena has worked with various foundations, including one very near and dear to her heart, the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Her brother was granted a wish after being diagnosed with his brain stem tumor.

Personal Facts

  • Athena worked as Pluto at Walt Disney World while in college.
  • She was voted "Best Dressed" and "Most School Spirit" in high school.
  • She was elected Vice President in high school and college.
  • In college she was also elected President of the Student Government, was the Resident Assistant Associate President and the Campus News Editor. She did all this while maintaining a near perfect GPA.