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Age: 39

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

Occupation: Police Officer & SWAT

Motto: "If not today, then when?"

About: Charles is a happily married police officer who describes himself as a team player. As his job often puts him in dangerous situations, Charles worries about not being able to come home alive to care for his wife. He was raised in a strict environment and was taught to take care of himself at an early age.

Acts of Heroism:

  • He has apprehended a murder suspect in a major case.
  • Charles has volunteered with such organizations as Habitat for Humanity and Meals for Wheels, and he has even gone to Mexico for a month to help build a school.
  • He was part of a major evacuation during an intense brush fire.

Personal Facts

  • Charles has not owned a television in 20 years.
  • He graduated Valedictorian in intermediate school.
  • He has never had an alcoholic beverage in his life.
  • He says foot massages are his weakness.
  • He has completed two marathons and hiked Mt. Whitney.