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Dr. Dave

Age: 50

Hometown: Beaumont, Texas

Occupation: Trauma Critical Care Surgeon, Director of Trauma Services

Motto: "What someone does to you is their karma; How you react to it is your karma."

About: Dr. David Parkus is a 50-year-old trauma surgeon living in Beaumont, Texas. Although one wouldn't guess it, he has suffered through many hardships in his life, including Osgood-Schlatter disease in both his knees. He has never let these obstacles get him down, however. In high school, his dream was to play football, so he worked out every day to get his strength back (after being in full leg casts for two years) and finally made the team. He was not the most gifted athlete, but he figured that if he worked harder than anyone else, he had a shot at being the best. He went on to be the captain of the football team, was all-league and played college football. This has been a theme of Dave's life – he has been able to do anything he wants to if he just works hard enough at it.

Acts of Heroism:

  • Dave volunteers for the Children's Miracle Network.
  • He tackled and subdued a gunman in 2002 at LAX. Security ended up shooting and killing him while Dave kept one of the victims alive with CPR until paramedics came and took over.
  • He saved a man having a heart attack at a casino by helping paramedics stabilize him.

Personal Facts

  • Dave loves kids and regrets that he did not have any. He thinks he would have made a great dad.
  • He loves to cook.
  • He is a hopeless romantic.