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Age: 31

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

Occupation: Writer, Personal Trainer

Motto: "Don't get mad, get even!"

About: Lydia works as a personal trainer/fitness instructor. During the day she helps people get in shape, while at night she loves to write. Growing up in foster care made her tough inside and out. Lydia knew that attending college and graduating would be her ticket to a better life. She then boxed competitively for four years, which prompted her career in fitness. In addition to teaching fitness classes, she is a fighter and mentor for the non-profit organization Knock Outs For Giving.

Acts of Heroism:

  • Lydia saved a woman from being attacked by a man on the 2 Train in New York City.
  • She regularly gives money to the poor.

Personal Facts

  • Lydia has kept a journal since the age of 8.
  • She is an orphan with no family ties by choice.
  • She can physically knock out most men.
  • She has never been in love.