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Age: 34

Hometown: Little River, S.C.

Occupation: Spanish Teacher, Basketball Coach, Hip Hop Dance Teacher/Choreographer

Motto: "This day happened like it did so tomorrow can happen like it should."


About: Rachel is a 34-year-old single mother who works five jobs in order to support her son, Alijah, who is hearing impaired. When Rachel was a child, she faced numerous struggles, including being born with a condition that caused misalignment of the bones in her legs and feet. She spent multiple years in full leg casts, but she was determined to be able to walk no matter what the doctors said. Despite enduring constant bullying, Rachel persevered and now coaches basketball and teaches dance.

Acts of Heroism:

  • Rachel taught dance classes for underprivileged and at-risk youth. She showed up early to counsel the kids and established an outreach program for them free of charge.
  • After noticing that the kids had no shoes upon coming to class, Rachel started a charity called Sneaks 4 Dance Freaks. She had shoes for all of the kids by Christmas of that year, and the charity is still going strong.

Personal Facts

  • Rachel does not let too many people into her inner circle.
  • She went to the Philippines to play basketball for a year after high school.
  • She is also a classically trained pianist.