Rude(ish) Tube

Rude(ish) Tube

About Rude(ish) Tube

Rude(ish) Tube is a hilarious half hour show featuring the funniest, freakiest and most incredible clips that have ever been uploaded to the World Wide Web.

Each show looks at different subject matter featuring anything and everything that is found online. From Ninjas to Nannies, School to Show offs, Embarrassing Dads to Extreme sports. Nothing escapes the eagle eye of Rude(ish) Tube. Each episode is a rollercoaster journey that goes to parts of the Internet other shows have never been. There are pranks, stunts, animals, cute kids and of course the overlords of the Internet cats....lots of cats!

So get ready to dig in to Television's equivalent of an all you can eat buffet of Internet clips. Yes by the time you've finished one'll want to have another!

*Definitely contains nuts.