• Blue Bloods Season 11

    Blue Bloods Season 11

    Premieres Aug 10, Mon - Thu, 10.40PM (9.40PM JKT/BKK).

    The opening episode of the new series sees the return of Whoopi Goldberg as City Council Speaker Regina Thomas as she and Frank go head-to-head over protests against police brutality.
  • American Ninja Warrior Junior

    American Ninja Warrior Junior

    Mon - Wed, 7PM (6PM JKT/BKK).

    Some of the show's biggest fans now get an opportunity to compete for the chance to be named American Ninja Warrior Junior champion!
  • NCIS: Los Angeles 12

    NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12

    Mon, 9.45PM (8.45PM JKT/BKK).

    In this season of NCIS: Los Angeles finds Callen (Chris O'Donnell) and Sam (LL COOL J) continuing to take on dangerous, vital cases with international ties, while working to find balance as they each try to maintain new and blossoming relationships.
  • AXN Fey Hollow Podcast

    AXN Fey Hollow Podcast

    New Episodes EVERY SUNDAY.

    Welcome to Fey Hollow: The Fairy Tale Murders - AXN Asia’s first-ever crime thriller podcast. Launching June 20, stream it on Spotify, Apple podcast and more.
Note: The indicated timings reflect Singapore time (GMT+8).


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