• The Rookie


    Premieres Feb 23, Mondays to Wednesdays at 10.40PM (9.40PM JKT/BKK).

    As the force's oldest rookie, John Nolan met with skepticism from some higher-ups who see him as just a walking midlife crisis.
  • Buried in the Backyard


    Premieres Feb 26, Fridays at 10.40PM (9.40PM JKT/BKK).

    More chilling stories await you in the second season of crime documentary series, Buried in the Backyard.
  • The Blacklist 8


    Saturdays at 10.40PM (9.40PM JKT/BKK).

    Following the startling revelation that Raymond "Red" Reddington isn't who he says he is, Elizabeth Keen is torn between this relationship with him and her desire to get to the bottom of years of secrets and lies.
  • MacGyver 5


    Saturdays at 9.45PM (8.45PM JKT/BKK).

    In the show's fifth season, the extremely smart and charming MacGyver will continue to use his unconventional problem-solving and his vast scientific knowledge to save lives.


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